Ana Paula Soares Pacheco

Biographical note

Bachelor in Museology from the Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Master in Art Science from the Fluminense Federal University and PhD in Museology from the Lusófona University of Humanities and Technologies in Lisbon. Museologist with experience in the areas of Museological Documentation, Conservation of Museological Collections, Museological Plan, Anthropology of Art, Cultural Heritage Material and Intangible. Currently works as Professor of the Undergraduate Course in Museology at the School of Information Science of the Federal University of Minas Gerais. Member of the Structuring Faculty of the Collegiate of the Undergraduate Course in Museology and Member of the Integrating Nucleus of the Working Group on Information Management of the Network of Museums and Spaces of Sciences and Culture of UFMG.

Areas of academic and scientific interest

  • Museology
  • Museum Documentation
  • Museological Collection Conservation
  • Museum Plan
  • Anthropology of Art
  • Material and Intangible Heritage

Individual doctoral project

The Contributions of the Undergraduate Course in Museology of UFRB from 2006 to 2016 for the Strengthening of Brazilian Museology
Mário de Souza Chagas

This thesis will discuss the contributions made by the undergraduate Course in Museology of UFRB since it creation in October 24, 2006 at the CAHL in the city of Cachoeira – BA, through the Federal University Restructuring and Expansion Program (REUNI) during the Government of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, whose pourposes were to internalize Higher Education in Brazil, to create and increase the number of vacancies in night courses, to reduce evasion and idle vacancies. The role of this course from 2006 to 2016 was to strengthen Brazilian Museology; occupying prominent representations in the Coordination of the Network of University Professors and Researchers of the Field of Museology in the Commission of Teachers who argued and defended that the Process of Recognition of Museology Courses was evaluated by a pair of professors museological doctors registered in the Platform of the National Institute (INEP) belonging to the Ministry of Education (MEC) and the Steering Committee of the Brazilian Museum System (SBM). In addition to the organization of the VI National Meeting of Museology Students (VI ENEMU) realizaed by the students of this course at CAHL, as well as partnerships with the Department of Museums and Cultural Centers (DEMU), the Brazilian Institute of Museums (IBRAM) and Museums Direction (DIMUS) related to the Institute of Artistic and Cultural Heritage (IPAC) of Bahia.