Claudia Porcellis Aristimunha

Biographical note

Claudia Porcellis Aristimunha was born in Bagé/RS – Brazil in 1966. She graduated in History – Bachelor Degree 1991 / Teaching Degree 1995, both at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. She holds a master’s degree in Ibero-American History (1999) from Pontifica Universidade Católica do RS and has a specialization in Museology – Cultural Patrimony (2003) by the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul.  In 1998, she started working at the UFRGS Museum where she works until now, since 2008 as Director and, since 2016, concomitantly as the Vice-Pro-Rector of Extension. She works and researches in the areas of photography, history, memory and museology.

Areas of academic and scientific interest

  • Memory
  • History
  • Museology
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Photography

Individual doctoral project

Family collections and Social Memory – the collections of photographers Bortolo Achutti and Jacob Prudêncio Herrmann socializing the memories of the cities Santa Maria and Porto Alegre
Professor Mário Moutinho

The collections in question, today private and familiar, can be democratized and reinvigorated in the light of social museology, seeking to recompose the socio-historical construction of their time and their productions, bringing to the fore the discussion of the city’s daily life in the perspective of social memory and bringing light to the “memories” and “forgettings,” “celebrations,” and “occultations.”