António Bernardo Morais Pinto

Biographical note

Doctorate in Education by ULHT in 2011; Degree in Electrical Engineering and Machinery; Degree in Organization and Curriculum Development; Master in Education Administration and Planning.

Trainer of training actions for teachers of secondary education of the electrotechnical/electronic areas; ccoordinator and author of the programs of the technological disciplines, of secondary level, of the electrotechnical-electronic technological area; author and coordinator of the exams of the discipline of digital systems of the technological teaching of electrotechnical / electronic of secondary level; author and co-author of textbooks for secondary education: Practical Workshops and Laboratory (10th, 11th and 12th year of technological education of secondary level); Technologies (10th year, 11th year and 12th year of technological education of secondary level); author and co-author of articles inserted in specialized scientific publications.

Professor of official the secondary education of diverse you discipline curricular, since 1975 the 2011; group as commission agent B of professors and director of installations, during some years; coordinator of the Department of Mathematics and Experimental Sciences of the intermediate school of Ermesinde, in 2008-2009 (department with the groups to discipline of eletrotecnia – eletrónica, mechanics, computer science, mathematics, physics – chemical and biology), with headquarters in the pedagogical advice and functions of evaluation of the professor;

It taught diverse technological curricular units in the Center of Professional Formation of the Metallurgic and Metallurgic Industry (Cenfim) since 1990 the 1993.

Partner nº 1305 of the Portuguese Society of Sciences of the Education.

Areas of academic and scientific interest

  • Educational policies
  • Educational globalization
  • Teaching professional formation

Current research interests

  • Teacher training
  • Pedagogical supervision
  • Educational policies
  • Technological and vocational education