António Teodoro


António Teodoro was born on May 7th 1950, in Azores, Portugal.

He has a PhD and a Master degree in Educational Sciences and a Licence in Physical and Sports Education.

Full Professor with Aggregation in Comparative Education.

Founder of free teacher trade unionism in Portugal after the Portuguese Revolution in April 1974, he was the first general-secretary of FENPROF, the most representative Portuguese teacher union since 1994.

In this quality, he was several times member of the European Board of WCOTP and ETUCE, and, after, he participated in the foundation of the International Education (IE).

He is Professor of Sociology of Education and Comparative Education in Lusophone University, at Lisbon.

He is Director of the Center for Studies and Intervention on Education and Training (CeiEF), Editor of Revista Lusófona de Educação (Lusophone Journal of Education) and Director of Institute of Education.

Co-ordinator of RIAIPE (Ibero-American Research Network on Education Policies).

In the recent past, António Teodoro was also Chief Inspector of Primary Education (1974-1975), member of National Council of Education (1988-1994), and Advisor of Portuguese Minister Council from Education, Science, Culture and Employment (1995-1999).

António Teodoro is an International Adviser from the Paulo Freire Institute, in Sao Paulo, and co-founder of Portuguese Paulo Freire Institute.

He is also Vice-President of the Board of Research Committee of Sociology of Education, from International Sociological Association (ISA).

Expert invited to the Eurydice study The Teaching Profession in Europe: Profile, trends and concerns, member of Scientific Council of many journals in Portugal, Brazil, France, Spain, and USA, and expert invited of INSERM, France.