Maria Manuela Silva

Biographical note

PhD in Chemistry (1996) and degree in Technological Chemistry (1089), by FC / UL.

Director of ESEAG, President of the CTC, Director of the CIP. Coordinator Professor since 1997, teaches degrees and masters of training of teachers and educators, and CTeSPs UCs ••Chemistry, Ecology and Environment, Experimental Teaching of Sciences, Techniques and Laboratory Safety, Food, and orientation of dissertations of Experimental Teaching of Sciences. She was director of degrees and Master’s degrees in teacher training (18 years), and president of the PC.

Represents Portugal in the Management Committee of COST ACTION CA15221, since 2016. Represented Portugal in COST ACTION TD1304 (2014-18), in COST ACTION FA0905, and in the Management Committee of COST ACTION FA0906 (2010-14).

She joined the Technological and Nuclear Institute (ITN) (1988-96) and the Center for Physical Chemistry and Radiochemistry of FC / UL (1988-90).

She published: 3 books, 21 articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals (16 international), 82 abstracts or conference proceedings (71 international), as well as 15 conferences per invitation, and a prayer of wisdom.