Susana Sá

Biographical note

Researcher at CIED. Post-Doctorate in Curriculum Development, Doctorate in Education Sciences, Curriculum Development Specialty, with the thesis Teaching, Learning and Assessment in Higher Education: Perspectives and Practices, Licentiate in Physics and Chemistry Teaching and Master in Pedagogical Supervision, degrees obtained in Minho’s university.

He was a guest assistant at the University of Minho between 1994 and 2000, teaching Methodologies of Teaching Physics and Chemistry and conducting pedagogical supervision from 1994 to 2006.

She was a researcher of the AVENA Project (Evaluation, Teaching and Learning in Higher Education in Portugal and Brazil: Realities and Perspectives) – Project FCT – PTDC / CPE-CED / 114318/2009), between 2011 and 2014, of international scope.

She is a researcher of an international scientific project, “COLLABORATIVE PROFESSIONAL LEARNING OF TEACHERS”, with Chile, with the authorization nº 0555900001.

She is a researcher on the Project: “Students’ evasion at the Federal University of Goiás”, in collaboration with the UFG in Catalão – Goiás – Brazil. She is a trainer of the webQDA qualitative analysis software, performing workshop type activities, short duration courses, tutorials, webinar and webmeeting. His research has focused mainly on evaluation, teaching and learning, both of teachers and students in higher education or secondary education, with articles published in journals such as Springer International Publishing, Lusophone Journal of Education, Journal of Education & Social Policy, The Qualitative Report and Communication & Information Magazine; several chapters of books and editor of the CIAIQ Minutes (indexed) and books. She is editor and editor of magazines and books. In addition to holding seminars and conferences on teaching, assessment and learning in higher education, his latest research interests are related to curriculum development in his broader vision and training in qualitative research. Has a partnership with Brazil, in particular with the Federal University of Goiás – UFG – Brazil, in the Doctoral Project “Organizational Management” – from 2018 -2022. It is Organizer of the International Congress CIAIQ (Ibero-American Congress in Qualitative Research), since 2015, being responsible for the area of EDUCATION, which is held annually.

Areas of academic and scientific interest

  • Pedagogical Supervision
  • Assessment
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Qualitative Research