Maria Miguel Cardoso

Biographical note

Graduate in Social and Cultural Anthropology, post-graduate in Anthropology of Social Movements and Master in Visual Anthropology – Universidade NOVA de Lisboa – Faculty of Social and Human Sciences. Currently finishing her Phd programme in Universidade Lusófona, Lisbon. Since 2005 develops her professional activities in the Museum of Labor Michel Giacometti, in Setúbal.

Individual doctoral project

“Narratives, Memory and Power. The uses of memory in the construction of museum narratives: expectations and possibilities.”
Professor Judite Primo


Starting from a pilot project developed at the Museum of Labor Michel Giacometti – the Center of Memories – we will question not only the endured path of this project but as well as the implications that it had on the life and death of other participated projects that were born from this contamination – extending to an ultimate contribution in 2017 with the creation of a new museographic project for the museum. At this point, the role of memory (written, spoken and heard), was the touchstone for the construction of new narratives about existing collections.