Post-graduation in Diversity, Equity and Socioeducational Inclusion

The course has an educational dynamic that consolidates the principles approved by the international organizations (United Nations, UNESCO, OCDE; EU): everyone has the right to education, the right to equal opportunities, the right to participate in the society and the right to education throughout life.

Post-graduation in Professional Education Management: Education and Entrepreneurship

Education is determined by the socio-historical influence, a fact that education sociology aims to explain.

In a context marked by constant changes in the science and technology fields, the relation between the productive process, the globalization processes and the professional inclusion in the employment market turns into a challenge to all the society.

Post-graduation in Educational Management and Cultural Animation for Community and Social Institutions

The social and economic changes are transforming the relations of families and societies. Nowadays, an important part of the family’s roles, namely to take care of the older relatives, is a task of the public and private sector.

Post-graduation in Cultural Development, Heritage and Education

Post-graduation in Intangible Cultural Heritage

This post-graduation focus on the comprehension and activity related to the Intangible Cultural Heritage, paying attention to its importance, in domains such as «traditions and oral expressions, show arts, social practices, rituals and festive events, knowledges and practices related to the nature, abilities associated with traditional handicraft», but also to the measures that aim to guarantee its “protection” and its own definition: «practices, representations, expressions, knowledges and abilities, as well as instruments, objects, artifacts and cultural spaces that are associated and that the communities, the groups or the individuals recognize as an essential part of the cultural heritage.