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Call for Book Chapters | Releco CIDATE – 30/07/2020

Understanding and transforming the territory. State-of-the-art, Approaches and Perspectives


The research group CIDATE – Citizen science in understanding and transforming the territory (A ciência cidadã na apropriação e compreensão do território) opens a call for chapters for the book “Understanding and transforming the territory – State-of-the-art, Approaches and Perspectives” dedicated to cover various topics of the territory and the challenges of its appropriation.

Understanding the territorial dimension is a fundamental step stone towards more sustainable development and cultural enrichment. This book is intended to increase the understanding, the challenges, strategies of use and management of the territory, as well as of the processes and mechanisms of production of the urban space. Both imply, in studying and understanding broad issues, the adoption of different approaches and the development of multiple actions. A list of possible topics structured around the three main research axes: i) knowledge and training, ii) cohesion and equity and iii) transformation and use of resources, is available at the CIDATE page.

This call is addressed to students and teachers of the master’s and PhD programmes and researchers / young PhD holders (who have their doctorate for less than 8 years) in Education, Museology and Urban Planning or related areas – on issues of territory and space – in their broad sense. For the proposals from Museology and Education the topic “territory / space” must be relevant and the focus of the contribution.

Individual or group reflections are welcome, but only with original texts (which are not yet published or under evaluation). All manuscripts will undergo a peer-review process.

The book will probably contain between 12 and 15 chapters and will be edited by CeiED in the series Culture e Territory and published by Lusófona University Press as open source.

This book follows the broad discussion initiated by the volume 3 of Culture and Territory: Neighbourhood and City – Between digital and analogue perspectives prepared under the auspices of the Cyberparks Project (www.cyberparks-project.eu). To this end, the section “Research in progress” was created. In all, 13 proposals were received, of which 10 were selected and intensively prepared for publication in 2019 (see book reference below).

Guidelines for manuscripts and development schedule

The language of the manuscripts: Portuguese or English (preferably).

The process consists of the following steps:

# Task and requirements Deadline
1. Abstract (with 300 to 500 words) explaining the proposed contribution, its objectives and methodology, including title, author(s), five keywords and up to five references. Use exclusively APA style

30 October 2020
2. Peer review and communication to the authors of the decision to accept (or not) the contribution 30 November 2020
3. Delivery of full chapters. Manuscripts will have between 4000 (min.) and 6000 (max.) words and follow APA rules 26 February 2021
4. Communication of the 2nd peer review results and provision of support 30 April 2021
5. Publication and dissemination September 2021

More detailed information will be sent to authors after the peer review evaluation.

Coordination & Contact info

Carlos Smaniotto Costa and Nagayamma Aragão

Use these emails for contacting the editors and for sending the manuscripts: smaniotto.costa@ulusofona.pt and f6084@ulusofona.pt

The published book with PhD students’ contributions

Menezes, M. & Smaniotto Costa, C. (Eds.) (2019). Neighbourhood & City – Between digital and analogue perspectives. CyberParks Project. Series Culture and Territory (3). Lisbon: Lusófona University Press. 415 pages. ISBN 978-989-757-077-3. www.ceied.ulusofona.pt/en/serie-culture-and-territory.

Part III New approaches to Urban Spaces – Research in Progress