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CeiED participates in the celebrations of the 2021 African Universities Day

CeiED/ULHT, through ReLeCo NEA-ES – Research and Learning Community African Studies Group – Education and Society, received a special invitation to participate in the celebrations of Africa Universities Day 2021, organized by the Association of African Universities (AUA), based in Accra, Ghana, which took place on November 12, 2021, in virtual mode, under the theme “Building Resilient Technology-Based Universities, Now!”.

African Universities Day is celebrated each year to celebrate the day of the establishment of the AAU on November 12, 1967 and to highlight the contributions of the Higher Education Sector to the development of the African continent. It is also a day when critical dialogue on how to improve the quality of higher education in Africa is promoted.

The event was attended by higher education institutions affiliated with the AUA, as well as the network of partner institutions and organizations and higher education institutions from third countries dedicated to the study of education and development in Africa, four of which included ReLeCo NEA -ES (CeiED-ULHT).

ReLeCo NEA-ES (CeiED-ULHT), within the scope of CeiED’s internationalization strategy through the promotion of research on Education and Development in Africa, promoted by its Scientific Coordinator, Professor António Teodoro, accepted the invitation and participated in the event, with a view to strengthening the approximation and interinstitutional and interdisciplinary collaboration with the institutions present and, in a more general perspective, with the Association of African Universities.

Read the press release here.