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CriThink Project – CeiED is a partner

On November 14 and 15, 2019, a scientific meeting was held at the Lusófona University under the Academy of Modern Senior project – Critical Thinking for Seniors (CriThink). It is an Erasmus + project with six partners (Czech Republic, Portugal, Lithuania, Austria, Poland and Slovenia) and aims to exchange best practices for the development of critical thinking for 55+ people. The program was agreed by all partners and included, in addition to activities involving researchers from the six European countries, the communication of the Dean of Universidade Sénior do Seixal, Mariana Mareco, on intergenerationality and active aging. CeiED presented a logo proposal developed by Designer Lucas Costa Pena that was approved by all partners as the project’s official Visual Identity. The CritThink project has the participation of CeiED researchers, namely Professor Maria Neves Gonçalves and Professor José Brás, and guest teachers Teresa Ramilo and António Carmo.