Innovation for Education


The project is based on the development of the training model adopted for the Mobile Lab and for the Future Classroom, which are the two key components in the macro context of the whole project. In this sense, the team developed a process of training with all those involved in the use of a mobile laboratory, and a classroom of the future in each school that will be at their disposal, a process that has been developed based on their own beliefs, knowledge, abilities, attitudes and behaviours, making it a unique process due to its adaptation to the needs and reality of the participants and the context in which they are inserted. On the other hand, the dynamics developed are based on the confrontation of ideas and convictions, as well as the development of a critical spirit and negotiation capacity so that the final result can correspond to the CIMLT collective.


CIMLT ALT20-02-5266-FSE-000046


01/09/2018 – 31/12/2020




  • Américo Mateus (HEI-Lab/ULHT | Coordenation)
  • Elsa Estrela (Coordenation)
  • Alcina Oliveira Martins