Language, what do I want you for?!


Language is one of the main symbolic systems, through which we build knowledge, constitute a personal and cultural identity, produce culture and interpret it (Bakhtin, 2009). Through language, we access the meanings shared by the linguistic-cultural community of which we are a part, build new concepts and transform them into actions. The great power of the language is related to its ability to symbolize, that is, to give meaning, represent and express the real and the imaginary. The word weaves relationships between individuals, from those inherent in activities of daily life to those that lead to the construction of power relations characterized by an ideological bias.

This project aims to build a solid conceptual and theoretical basis on:

  1. the role of the mother language in the development of skills based on the statements of the national curricula of the last year of secondary education in 6 different countries – England, Spain, Germany, France, Portugal, Brazil;
  2. the relationship between mother language and culture (s) from the work developed by the researchers participating in this project at the Degree in Educational Sciences – Social Education (LCE-ES).

Specifically we are looking for:

  1. to identify in the mother language curricula of the 6 different countries the relationship between language teaching and skills development;
  2. to compare the approaches to mother language teaching in the curricula of the 6 countries;
  3. to create a repository with material on the teaching of the mother language and the development of skills;
  4. to create a repository with material on mother language and culture (s).


4,295.00 EUR

Seed Projects – 2nd edition – CeiED


1/14/21 – 1/14/22