Stone Alive. A Cultural Interpretation of the Stone


Inserted in the official programming of the France-Portugal 2022 Season, this PROJECT consists of an exhibition at the Geological Museum of Lisbon and a second exhibition at the Museum of Mineralogy in Paris, accompanied by an associated program with a conference and an inclussive program.

Stone is, from a physical point of view, the oldest and most persistent material in human history, as well as the paradigmatic matter of art. However, this project intends to open a field of thought in which stone is not questioned as a material for artistic work, but as an information carrier – a capsule that carries a holistic awareness and the multiplicity of interconnected ways of being in time and space. The project is, therefore, a collection of thoughts about the stone as an entity that transmits a significant heritage of non-human knowledge and ecological awareness. How can this heritage be visualized, analysed, imagined and how it can be applied to our immediate present to expand our consciousness on a non-human or superhuman scale?


  • EXHIBITION Geological Museum, Lisbon, July 4 – August 4, 2022 (artists international)
  • AUDIO DESCRIPTION COURSE FOR MUSEUMS AND EXHIBITION SPACES (Geological Museum, STONE ALIVE exhibition 9.06 – 17.07. 20220).
  • Conference Dr. Giovanbattista Tusa ‘Deep Life. Reimagining our Fossil Modernity’. (Museum Geological, 07.7.2022)
  • EXHIBITION Musée des Mines Paris, September 1 – November 15, 2022 (artists international)


Temporada França-Portugal (4500 Euros),

Direção Geral das Artes Portugal (15.000 Euros).

Support Technical equipment: Ceied/Cofac


Museu de Geologia Lisboa, Musée de Mineralogie et Ecole des Mines Paris.


01.07.2022- 30.11.2022


Marta Jecu (Responsavel) ULUSÓFONA, Roberta Gonçalves (ULUSÓFONA), Giovanbattista Tusa (NOVA FCSH), prof. Didier Nectoux (Mines, ParisTech)