TASK21 | EdTEch and AI for Essential Skills in the 21st Century


Nowadays, digital technology is present in almost all fields of everyday life in the private or public sphere. Thus, educational institutions in Europe are encouraged to use digital technologies creatively, collaboratively and efficiently. These efforts are reinforced by the Digital Education Action Plan recently adopted by the European Commission (DEAP, EC, 2018), supporting the use of technology and the development of digital skills in education, as well as by the European Framework for Digitally Competent Educational Organisation (DigCompOrg, EC, 2015).

The TASK 21 project aims to help modernise formal educational curricula and create teaching materials that meet the needs of the 21st century. To this end, it brings together the pedagogical and technical expertise of the team to design, test and implement an interdisciplinary university course equivalent to a Master’s UC for:

  • future educators and curriculum designers: students of Educational Sciences, Educational Psychology, Pedagogy and similar programmes;
  • future e-learning developers: students of Information Technology, Computer Science and similar programmes.


306,139.00 EUR


Reference number 2019-1- FR01-KA203-063063


  • Association Léonard de Vinci – France (coordinator)
  • Claned Group – Finland
  • Netport Science Park – Sweden
  • Universita Degli Studi di Catania – Italy
  • Oslomet Storby Universitetet – Norway


01-10-2019 to 31-07-2022


34 months


  • Lucimar Dantas
  • Elsa Estrela
  • Dulce Franco
  • José Brás
  • Maria Manuel Calvet Ricardo
  • Maria Neves Gonçalves
  • Óscar de Sousa
  • Beatriz Koppe