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verDEsporto | The impact of green infrastructure and physical activity in people’s life during and post COVID-19 Pandemic


verDEsporto explores through an interdisciplinary and transversal approach the link between greenspaces, outdoor physical activity and changes resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. It will analyse in the context of COVID-19 the use, needs, preferences and values attached to the green infrastructure by different population groups. Backed by the principles of citizen science, verDEsporto will contribute to advance knowledge on non-formal education and socio-cultural factors in the use and appropriation of space, and the contribution of green infrastructure in the construction of more participatory, active lifestyles and sustainable societies.

In fieldwork activities, verDEsporto will observe the spontaneous and unorganised use of space for outdoor physical activities in times of pandemic, analysing the dimensions and indicators that affect the use of green infrastructure, taking the Dom Domingos Jardo Linear Park in Sintra as a case of study. The project is the result of a concerted initiative bringing together the research community with local organisations (União das Freguesias do Cacém and São Marcos and Parish Council of Agualva and Mira Sintra) and International Council of Portuguese-speaking Architects.

verDEsporto seizes the opportunity to explore an important social reality in a unique historical context.


Backed by the principles of citizen science and co-research, verDEsporto aims at providing a transdisciplinary and integrative analysis on the production and consumption of green infrastructure together with different actors, including decision-makers as main stakeholders for strategic thinking, individuals, civil society organizations and academia, to achieve together the following objectives:

  • Explore the experience, attitudes and motivations of individuals in the use of greenspaces for social and physical activities (what influences people’s preferences in the use of space; what favors use or prevents it?)
  • Improve the understanding of how landscape and urban imaginary contribute to identity building and to shape social behaviors
  • Draw lessons from the knowledge acquired and prepare them to inform decision making towards more sustainability and social equity.

The project enables the design of recommendations for different disciplines, reflecting factors that contribute to social cohesion, social functions of public spaces, strengthening the territory access to spatial-resources and their efficient and sustainable use, considering the collective benefits and responses to help prevent COVID-19 from spreading.


Programa Seed ILIND – 14.990€


01.03.2021 a 28.02.2022