EDCE: Sports Education, Body and Ethics

ReLeCo – Educação Desportiva, Corpo e Ética: Projetos em Destaque


The progress of science, the development of machines, the division of labor, urban concentration and housing conditions, increased leisure time, and improved standards of living have transformed the existence of individuals. A civilization of technique has given rise to a growing need for movement, a need for rewarding physical activity, for sources of relaxation and distraction. The growing centrality of the body (appearance, physical sensations, etc.) in Western societies has encouraged the demand for sports practices in order to maintain physical fitness. The body should be kept healthy, considering Juvenal’s maxim: “mens sana in corpore sano”. When globalization seems to erase national identities, sport becomes a identifiable means, in the hope of a victory or a feat, of a variable amplification according to status, historical experiences, and relative expectations. Sport, elevated to the category of human right, is a cultural reality, where its educational, social inclusion, safeguarding of values, rules, morals or ethics, but also its deviations (doping, corruption, for example) are highlighted.

This Community aims to reflect on sports education, the body and ethics. The objectives of this ReLeCo are:

  1. To reflect on the importance associated with the care of the body, as a mark of identity and individuality, of education for health and to streamline the dimension of social inclusion.
  2. To foster research on intergenerational education relations as a process of social development.
  3. To contribute to the deepening of the study of sports ethics.

ReLeCo’s thematic areas are

  • The body, as a mark of identity and individuality
  • Sport for all
  • Social inclusion through sport
  • Sporting values
  • Education for health
  • Intergenerational education