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Ebook II International Congress “Humanism, Human Rights and Citizenship”

The II International Congress “Humanism, Human Rights and Citizenship”, held on 28-29 October 2021, at the Lusófona University of Humanities and Technologies, constituted a space for reflective, critical and analytical academic and scientific dialogue, which included a wide range of themes and geographical provenance of participants, resulting in the present e-book of papers and abstracts of the presentations.

The present publication aims to provide researchers, teachers, school managers, education technicians, doctoral and master students, civil society, political leaders, human rights activists and all social actors interested in this theme with a critical reading that contributes, even in the theoretical, conceptual, critical and analytical field, to a participatory dialogue and to the construction of a better world.

The joint reflection and analysis, the identification and sharing of studies, experiences and practices that highlight the importance of respect for the promotion of Human Rights and the Dignity and Dignification of all is, therefore, a contribution that this e-book intends to provide to present and future generations, in the current context of the United Nations Global Agenda 2030 and the unavoidable processes of globalization, which characterize contemporary societies, from the “North” and the “South”, in this global world.