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Girando – Itinerant Film Festival has begun

Girando is an itinerant community-based film festival dedicated to the theme of cycling. It will take place between September and October 2022 in different spaces of Marvila (Lisbon), exploring several sub-themes related to the bicycle through conversation rounds (7 p.m.) and projection of films (9 p.m., coming from an international call and elaborated by Marvila students). On the 29th and 30th September (6 p.m.) there will also be the possibility of trying different cargo bikes from Veloteca. All sessions are free of charge.


  • 29/09 – (I)mobility (CPS-Prodac, SCML)
  • 30/09 – Work and transport (Kriativu)
  • 07/10 – Environmental transition (Marvila Library)
  • 13/10 – Children and bicycles (Escola Secundária do Agrupamento de Escolas D. Dinis)
  • 14/10 – Cycling sports (Chelas Chicago Basketball Court)

The conversation rounds will have the moderation of CeiED researchers Inês Vieira (session of 07/10) and Margarida Belchior (session of 13/10), who integrate the Roda Viva project, under the scope of which this event is organized. CeiED researchers Carlos Smaniotto, Marta Jecu and Sandrine Simon also participated in the festival jury.

Girando is developed by the association Descalçada, with the collaboration of the Marvila community and the network of partners involved in the project Roda Viva (Rés do Chão, Rimas ao Minuto, Grupo Recreativo Janz e Associados, Junta de Freguesia de Marvila and CeiED – Universidade Lusófona), with funding through the program BIP/ZIP (CML).

For further info here.

Já começou o Girando - Festival de Cinema Itinerante