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International Conference “Paulo Freire: A Centenary of Actuality”

The Paulo Freire International Congress: A Centenary of Actuality, which will take place on December 13, 14 and 15, will be an event which involves a set of varied activities to celebrate Paulo Freire’s centenary through conferences, lectures, round tables, thematic round tables, poster presentations and cultural moments.

The Congress will be virtual, with on-line transmission, so that we can count on the widespread participation of professionals and students from the three continents where Freire worked – America, Europe and Africa.

This congress, which is based on contemporary issues in the area of Education, is broadened from an interdisciplinary perspective to include the areas of Cultural Accessibility; Physical Education and Sports; Permanent Education: Young People and Adults; Social and Popular Education; Gender, Race and Class; Museology: Culture and Heritage; Politics, Citizenship and Human Rights; Territory, Public Policies and Social Memory; University and Citizen Science. Areas that have been developing projects and actions based on Paulo Freire’s reflections, impacts and methodology.

It will be three days of meetings, sharing of experiences and reciprocity of knowledge between universities, research centres, social movements, collectives, associations and non-governmental organisations. In a centennial celebration that is inspired by Freirean arguments that call us to critical thinking committed to the transformation of a less oppressive and more democratic society.

Organization: CeiED – Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Education and Development, in collaboration with the UNESCO-ULHT Chair “Education, Citizenship and Cultural Diversity.


“To be cultural or to be conscious is the radical form of being of humans, as beings who, remaking the world they have not made, make their world and, in this making and remaking, remake themselves. They are, because they are being.” Paulo Freire.

Submission deadline

01/11/2021 – 05/12/2021


  • Cultural Accessibility
  • Physical Education and Sport
  • Adult and Youth Permanent Education
  • Social and Popular Education
  • Gender, Race and Class
  • Museology: Culture and Heritage
  • Politics, Citizenship and Human Rights
  • Territory, Public Policies and Social Memory
  • University and Citizen Science

Organising Committee


  • Ana Benavente – CeiED ULHT
  • Dulce Franco – CeiED ULHT
  • Judite Primo – Museologia ULHT e Cátedra UNESCO-ULHT
  • Lucimar Dantas – CeiED ULHT
  • Manuela Jacinto – CeiED ULHT
  • Vania Brayner – Museologia ULHT e Cátedra UNESCO-ULHT

Technical support

  • Beatriz Venturini – CeiED ULHT
  • Filipa Lourenço – CeiED ULHT
  • Joana Batista – CeiED ULHT


  • Carlos Serrano – Museologia ULHT e Cátedra UNESCO-ULHT
  • Claudia Pola – Museologia ULHT e Cátedra UNESCO-ULHT
  • Geanine Escobar – Museologia ULHT e Cátedra UNESCO-ULHT
  • Maria Josiane Vieira – Museologia ULHT e Cátedra UNESCO-ULHT
  • Mariana von Hartenthal – Museologia ULHT e Cátedra UNESCO-ULHT
  • Moana Soto – Museologia ULHT e Cátedra UNESCO-ULHT
  • Yazid Jorge Costa – Museologia ULHT e Cátedra UNESCO-ULHT

Scientific Committee

  • Aida Rechena – MINOM Portugal
  • Alberto Melo – APCEP
  • Alcina de Oliveira Martins – Universididade Lusófona do Porto
  • Alessio Surian – CLACSO e Universidade Pádua
  • Ana Benavente – CeiED ULHT
  • Ana Paula Silva – CeiED ULHT
  • Angela Biz Antunes – Instituto Paulo Freire
  • Antonio Teodoro – CeiED ULHT
  • Arlinda Cabral – CeiED ULHT
  • Carla Galego – CeiED ULHT
  • Carlos Alberto Torres – UCLA
  • Carlos Poiares – ULHT
  • Carlos Smaniotto Costa – CeiED ULHT
  • Carolina Leão – Amuncip
  • Clóvis Britto – UnB
  • Cristina Bruno – USP
  • Guadalupe Portelinha – Associção José Afonso
  • Dina Soeiro – European Association for the Education of Adults
  • Dulce Franco – CeiED ULHT
  • Elsa Estrela – CeiED ULHT
  • Elisabete Pinto da Costa – CeiED ULHT
  • Emilio Lucio-Villegas Ramos – Universidad de Sevilla
  • Francesc Hernandez – Universitat València
  • Helia Bracons – Instituto de Serviço Social ULHT
  • Jacinto Serrão – CeiED ULHT
  • Joaquim Melro – Centro de Formação da Associação de Escolas António Sérgio
  • João Filipe Matos – ULisboa
  • Jacqueline Freire – UFPA
  • José Beltrán – Universitat València
  • José V. Brás – CeiED ULHT
  • Judite Primo – Museologia ULHT e Cátedra UNESCO-ULHT
  • Licíno Lima – UMinho
  • Lucília Salgado – APCEP
  • Lucimar Dantas – CeiED ULHT
  • Luiza Cortezão – IPF Portugal
  • Maria das Graças Teixeira – UFBA
  • Maria Irene Figueiredo – CeiED ULHT
  • Maria Neves – Instituto Politécnico da Lusofonia
  • Mario Moutinho – ULHT
  • Maristela Simão – Museologia ULHT
  • Moacir Gadotti – Instituto Paulo Freire
  • Patrícia Dorneles – UFRJ
  • Paulo Roberto Padilha – Instituto Paulo Freire
  • Raimunda Oliveira – CEAAL
  • Rosa Serradas Duarte – CeiED ULHT
  • Rozy Zúñiga – CEAAL
  • Sandrine Simon – CeiED ULHT
  • Silvia Parreiral – Universidade de Coimbra
  • Sónia Vladimira Correia – CeiED ULHT
  • Teresa Teixeira Lopo – CeiED ULHT
  • Tiago Chingore – Universidade Licungo
  • Vania Brayner – Museologia ULHT e Cátedra UNESCO-ULHT
  • Vitor Rosa – CeiED ULHT

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