Kátia Caroline Souza Ferreira

Biographical note

PhD student at the Lusófona University of Humanities and Technologies – PT; Master’s Degree in Education Sciences from the Lusophone University of Humanities and Technologies – PT, with a diploma recognized in Brazil by UNIVAS – Universidade do Vale do Sapucaí-MG; Specialist in Public Policies and Educational Contexts – FNSL; Specialist in Management of Pedagogical Work – UNIVC; Specialist in Professional Education Integrated to Basic Education in the Youth and Adult Education Mode – IFBA; Specialist in Educational Planning – UNIVERSE; Degree in Pedagogy from the Faculty of Education Montenegro. Pedagogue (Pedagogical Coordinator) of the Porto Seguro-Bahia-Brazil City Hall.

Individual Doctoral project

Innovative Pedagogy in Continuing Teacher Education
Professor Elsa Estrela

We seek to investigate how continuing education can help teachers who work in the initial years of Elementary School in the use of participatory (active) methodologies in the classroom, if these methodologies are present in the curricula of the continuing training within the municipal network, in addition to seek to investigate cases in which the teacher received in the continuing training information about participatory methodologies, how he sought to innovate his classes from what was proposed. We will choose as theoretical-analytical categories for discussion the changes and innovations in education, continuing teacher training and innovative pedagogies. As a theoretical contribution to base our research we will look for authors like John Dewey, Celestine Freinet, Ovide Decroly, William Kilpatrick, among others.