LE3P – Experimental Laboratory for Education, Communication and Public Space aims to create and bring together essential knowledges for the field of territorial empowerment and communication, by using the resources that the new technologies provide and at the same time, to use these resources in order to create new methodologies for research.

With the digital technology, there are some questions that are raised, mainly related to the urban development. The new media offers a variety of opportunities for the interaction with potential users of public spaces.

LE3P aims to understand and convert the new resources into methodologies that should result in public spaces appropriate for their users. And consequently, build and spread knowledge and information about the urban space in a multidisciplinary and collaborative way.

The use of geotechnologies in research also aims to promote the use of these instruments for the analysis, planning and public participation in the urban development.

The central question is to understand the contribution of these technologies to the transformation of our cities in more social environments, instead of only high-tech environments. The programmatic matters of the laboratory includes activities that aim to:

  • Coordinate and improve the research based on empirical knowledge of the way to deal with the opportunities and/or risks of the use of new technologies in public spaces and the practical meaning of urban drawing.
  • Approve and test research methodologies in a new context, according to the social function of the public spaces.
  • Summarize into some guidelines the impact of the new technologies in public spaces, to be used by urbanists, urban planners, decision-makers and specialists in new technologies.


Wi-Fi in the Public Spaces of Lisbon
Digital Devices and the Use of Public Spaces
Motivating Behaviours in Public Spaces in Lisbon
Fostering knowledge about the relationship between Information and Communication Technologies and Public Spaces supported by strategies to improve their use and attractiveness
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