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Meeting for reflection on initial teacher training

On September 24, at 14h30, an informal meeting was held for reflection and debate on initial teacher training, which brought together representatives of different entities of the Lusófona group such as IE-ULHT, IPLUSO and CeiED.

Initial teacher training is one of the critical issues of the Portuguese education system and one of the strategic issues for the current decade. Several diagnostic studies have been published by different national, European and international agencies (such as CNE, TALIS, UNESCO).

The weaknesses in this area in Portugal were also visible in the recent publication of the Dispatch no. 2056/2021, by the Office of the Secretary of State for Education. For this reason it is essential that the university reflect on strategies to encourage teacher training and respond, within the scope of each entity, to the training weaknesses in the field of education. That was the purpose of this meeting.