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Multiplier Event of MARKA Project

On the 26th June will take place in the CESPU Auditorium, in Vila Nova de Famalicão, the multiplication event of the MARKA Project. The event, accredited as ACD, will count with international speakers and the sharing of the work developed, focusing on themes such as Innovation, Active Methodologies and Curriculum, Interculturality and Inclusion.

MARKA: Innovation and Inclusion in the construction of a curriculum identity is a 30-month international project, started in October 2020, and funded by the ERASMUS+ KA2 Programme. The overall objective is based on the construction of an identity curriculum in articulation with the local heritage. It aims to provide an opportunity for the development of pedagogical practices together with different partners of the school community, such as associations and other local institutions, in order to enrich and diversify curricular expression. 

The event will have, in its organization, the presence of CeiED’s researcher Louise Lima.

Registration is free, but mandatory and you can do it here.

Evento Multiplicador do Projeto MARKA