Nature Politics Webinar

Transversal Training – Cultures in Movement and Creative Processes
Federal University of Minas Gerais
25 – 27.05.21 – 19:00 – 21:20 (Brasília time)

1st Webinar Political Nature: ruptures, approximations and possible figurations, promoted by the extension program Political Nature, linked to the Indisciplinary Research Group (EA-UFMG/CNPq). The aim is to create an environment for debates on themes involving natures in dispute.

The Webinar will be broadcasted by the Youtube channel of the Indisciplinary Research Group (UFMG), with participation open to the general public. To obtain a certificate of participation, the external participant must attend at least two of the three Webinar days, and fill out a form that will be available in the channel’s chat during the lectures.

There is an option for the participant to pre-register using the form, so that the Natureza Política team can collect your data and send you the links to the lives on each Webinar day by e-mail before the event starts. However, it is worth pointing out that this option is not a mandatory step to participate, it is only a way to facilitate communication between Natureza Política team and external participants. Even so, the links to the Youtube lives will be made available on Natureza Política’s Instagram profile on the days of the event ->.

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Webinar Natureza Política