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NELP no Dia da Língua Portuguesa

NELP in the Portuguese Language Day

The Núcleo de Estudos de Língua Portuguesa – NELP – was represented by the researcher Lucimar Dantas at the round table organized by the Faculdade de Ciências Sociais, Educação e Administração da Universidade Lusófona, on the occasion of the Portuguese Language Day, celebrated last May 5. The main theme of the round table was Linguistic Prejudice: what unites us separates us? and it was attended by participants representing several social segments, from language scientists, teachers, students and journalists from several Portuguese-speaking countries.

On the occasion, linguistic prejudice was discussed from the relations between language, identity and power, language, teaching and learning approached from the perspectives of language science, international relations, art and culture, politics and the daily use of language in social contexts.

The roundtable was among the CPLP celebrations and its video content is available on the YouTube channel of Universidade Lusófona.

NELP no Dia da Língua Portuguesa