CeiEd three main goals are:

  1. Achieving high-quality and socially relevant scientific research in the fields of Education and Human Development;
  2. Endorsing advanced training, regarding the levels foreseen by the law (PhD, Master and Bachelor);
  3. Promoting the provision of services to the community, contributing at the same time, to a better training of teachers and professional educators.

At the national level, CeiED considers very important the increase of the cooperation among the units from the fields of Education Sciences and Policies and of Human and Social Sciences.

To achieve this goal, it was created, jointly with the Centre for Social Studies (CES-LA) of the Universidade de Coimbra, the Observatory of Education and Training Policies (Op. Edu).

CeiEd encourages the internationalization of its scientifical and advanced training activity, mainly based on the promotion of the relations and networks stablished in different linguistic and cultural areas.

By promoting the Anglo-American and the Francophone areas, CeiED assumes as its priority the networking and cooperation inside the Lusophone Space, due to CeiED’s location in one university that takes the Lusophony as its founding principle, as well as the European Union – Latin America Space, where exists one of the most active and representative university network (RIAIPE).

In the field of scientific production, CeiED is responsible, among other publications, for the Edition of the Revista Lusófona de Educação, an international journal included in major international networks of indexing.