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ReLeCo Literacies, Body and Ethics – preparatory meeting

The first preparatory meeting of the ReLeCo Literacies, Body and Ethics, with its activity of reflection, research and dissemination focused on the literacies, in particular the physical literacy, the body and the ethics, took place on 7 November 2019. The ReLeCO is a Research and Learning Community that integrates senior and junior researchers and students, who meet regularly to discuss and present research work and to organize scientific initiatives.

The ReLeCo Literacies, Body and Ethics, which includes researchers Vítor Rosa (coordinator), Artur Lobão, Claudilene Perim, Fernando Borges, José Viegas Brás, Luísa Anacleto, Maria José Gonçalves and Teresa Teixeira Lopo, defined as their main guiding objectives the reflection on the importance associated with body care, as a mark of identity and individuality, health education and the dynamization of the social inclusion dimension, the promotion of research on intergenerational educational relations as a development process, and the deepening of the study about sports ethics.

Reunião de trabalho da Research and Learning Community (ReLeCo) “Literacias, Corpo e Ética”