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Participação do projeto ReMASE no WCQR 7º (Algarve, 2023)

ReMASE Participation in the 7th WCQR (Algarve, 2023)

Participação do projeto ReMASE no WCQR 7º (Algarve, 2023)

The 7th World Conference on Qualitative Research (WCQR, 2023) took place in Algarve between the 25th and 27th of January. The WCQR is an annual event that aims to bring together researchers, academics, and professionals, promoting the sharing and discussion of knowledge, new perspectives, experiences, and innovations in the field of Qualitative Research.

The ReMASE project team, coordinated by Professor João Filipe Matos and co-coordinated by Professor Elsa Estrela, had an intervention panel at the 7th WCQR. The panel’s title was ‘Towards a pedagogical culture of teaching research methodologies in education: challenges, answers and ambitions’. The panel had the interventions of João Filipe Matos, Elsa Estrela, Carla Galego, João Piedade and André Freitas and aimed to reveal the results of the theoretical and empirical mapping of the ReMASE project in three parts: the challenges that motivated this project; the results already achieved; and the ambitions for the near future.

After introducing the team members to the audience, it was presented the theoretical contextualisation of the project, the methodological approaches implemented and the theoretical and empirical work developed. After this first part, a short time for questions from the audience followed. The second part of the panel was dedicated to demonstrating the application of the project in reality / practical examples, where preliminary results of the project were highlighted, ending with a possible direction for the creation of a framework for the design of courses in educational research methodologies.

The panel’s full text can be found here.

More information about the ReMASE project can be found here.

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