Ana Paula Gomes

Biographical note

Adjunct Professor of the ESEPF since 2002. PhD in Education Sciences at Universidad de Jaén, registration nº 14/2013UP. Degree in Pedagogia, PUC/RS. Post-graduate in Psychomotricity-FMH. Màster in Logopèdia- Rehabilitació Dels Transtorns del Llenguage I de la Parla, by the UPC. Specialist by the CCPFC in the areas: B06 – Special Education; C13 – knowledge to Special Education, with registration CCPFC/RFO-17432 and Area of Serious Problems of Communication and Language, with registration CCPFC/FEC-0163/04. Coordinator’s Department of Special Education and Psychology and Director of Master’s in Special Education. Connected to the training and supervision of teachers, she was Director of Masters in Teacher Training – Specialty in Pre-school’s and Elementary School. Supervisor of the Strategic Plan of the ESEPF 2010-2013 and of the Strategic Plan ESEPF 2014-2017. Effective member of the ESEPF – Scientific Technical Advice. Member of CIPAF – Paula Frassinetti Research Center. She has supervised several research projects – Teacher Training, Specialization in Pedagogical Supervision, Post-Graduation and Master’s in Special Education.

Areas of academic and scientific interest

  • Teacher Training and Special Education