Marta Vieira

Biographical note

Advisor of the Administration and Director of the International Projects Office at the Lusófona University of Humanities and Technologies and Director of the Research Center for Educational Innovation (CiiED) and Professor of Research Methodologies subjects at the Polytechnic Institute of Humanities and Technologies – ISUPEKUIKUI II, in Huambo, Angola.

PhD in Communication Sciences (Political Communication) from Lusófona University of Humanities and Technologies (Lisbon / Portugal); Master in Economic and Social Development in Africa (African Policy) from the Institute of Labor and Business Sciences (Lisbon / Portugal); and Degree in Political Science, Branch of Political Institutions and Public Administration, by the Institute of Mathematics and Management (Lisbon / Portugal).

Marta has been working in the higher education sector for over twenty years and is currently a teacher and researcher at the Polytechnic Institute of Humanities and Technologies – ISUPE-Ekuikui II (Huambo / Angola). Between 2004 and 2010, by invitation of Professor Doctor Architect Augusto Pereira Brandão, Marta taught the subject of Socioeconomics Political Economy of Lusophone Space in the Architecture Integrated Master at Lusófona University.

In the political sector, [Marta] has been involved in initiatives linked to Workers and Women, having collaborated at a national level in the planning of the national legislative campaign and participated in studies about the Portuguese Political System, among others.

Marta was a Deputy Director of the Institute of the Middle Tagus (Entroncamento) and the School of Higher Studies of Tourism of Óbidos and advisor of the Direction of the Lusophone University of Cape Verde (2005-2010).

Areas of academic and scientific interest

  • State and global changes
  • Content analysis;
  • Political speech
  • Education Policies in Africa
  • Globalization