Ana Caneva Moutinho

Biographical note

Ana Moutinho (1986, Lisbon) is a Visiting Lecturer at Universidade Lusófona, a Honorary Researcher at University College London and Head of User Experience at Holition. Ana has been collaborating on some research projects both at Lusofona University and UCL, such as Encounters between the city and arts: exploring new urbanities (2017, funded by FCT), Post-Screen: International Festival of Art, New Media and Cybercultures (2017, funded by Millennium BCP Foundation), Screens in the Wild: Exploring the potential of networked urban screens for communities and culture (2013, led by EPSCR), 2 KE Secondments at Holition (2014, funded by UCL Advances) and Visage: Augmented Reality for Cultural Heritage (Reserach project from the Computer Science Department – UCL). Ana’s background is Museology (PhD), Multimedia Art – Interactive Environments (MA), Multimedia Art (BA) and Computer Science (BSc).

Ana works in the areas of User Experience, Augmented Reality and Museums.