Maristela Simão

Biographical note

PhD in Museology from ULHT (2018), Master’s in History of Africa from UL (2011), BA in Museology from UFSC (2016), History degree from UDESC (2006) and specialist in Diversity Education with Emphasis on EJA by the IFSC (2013). Professor of the disciplines: Introduction to Contemporary Thought, Scientific Dissertation in Museology, In-depth Study in Museology at ULHT. Has experience in History and Museology, with emphasis on formation, historical research, education for ethnic-racial relations, African and Afro-Brazilian history, public policies and affirmative actions and in Sociomuseology, museological communication, patrimonial education, memory and preservation and valuing of identities and cultural diversity.

Areas of academic and scientific interest

  • Sociomuseology
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Heritage Education
  • Community Museums
  • Memory Points