José B. Duarte

Biographical note

At the Lusófona University of Humanities and Technologies, of which he is an associate professor since 1998-99, he teaches, among other subjects, those of Introduction to Education Sciences, Educational Theories and Practices, Observation of Educational Contexts, Education and Adult Education , of the Degree in Educational Sciences. He also teaches the module of Epistemology of Social Sciences and Educational Sciences of the Master in Educational Sciences, and the module of Curriculum: Theories, Strategies, and Evaluation in the Master of Educational Administration and Education Regulation.

He was a lecturer in the subjects of Didactics of the Portuguese Language and of Curricular Organization and Development in the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of Lisbon, and of related disciplines in the School of High Education and in the School of Teaching of Lisbon ( Escola do Magistério), and of Portuguese Language in Secondary Education .

Coordinates the project Textbooks and Activities of the Students.

 He is the author of articles in the “Revista Lusófona de Educação ” and in the “Entrelugares” Revue of the Federal University of Ceará and, among other works, he is the author of “The Hidden Contest. Criticism of the young people at the present school “, about the existential failure declared by students of good school success (2005, São Paulo: Cortez Editora, Portuguese distribution of Dinalivro)

Areas of academic and scientific interest

  • Differentiated Pedagogy and Inclusive School
  • Pedagogical supervision and strategies that promote curiosity about knowing
  • Adult education, personal training and diversity of knowledge