Manuel Furtado Mendes

Biographical note

Professor at ULHT – Lusófona University in Lisbon and PhD in Museology at ULHT – Lusófona University. He is a researcher enrolled at CeiED – Center for Interdisciplinary Studies in Education and Development. He is enrolled in the Post-PhD in Museology.

Recognized at ULHT- Lusófona University, as a Specialist in the field of Civil Construction and Civil Engineering (CNAEF 582), recognized by the Portuguese Engineers’ Association as a Specialist in Construction Management and Management.

 He published articles in national and international specialized magazines in Museology. Participated in events abroad and in Portugal related to Museums and Museology. He received 2 awards in the area of rehabilitation of historical heritage registered by C. M. Oeiras. He also works in the areas of Engineering and Technology with an emphasis on Civil Engineering and Social Sciences.

In view of his basic training in Civil Engineering, at IST-Instituto Superior Técnico, he has extensive experience in rehabilitation and conservation of historic or built heritage, as well as in the area of Technical and Economic Evaluation of Urban and Rustic heritage. He also has experience in the field of renewable energies teaching cultural buildings.

Areas of academic and scientific interest

  • Museums
  • Sustainability