Maria Margarida Dias Costa

Biographical note

Maria Margarida Dias Costa was born on January 14th 1963, in Alcobaça, Portugal. She has a Primary Teaching Course (at Leiria, 1987), the year of the Alliance Française (at Leiria, 1988), a Licence in Advanced Studies in School Organization and Administration (in Escola Superior de Educação, at Leiria, 1999), a Postgraduate Course in Special Education – Cognitive and Motor Domain (in Lusofona University, at Lisbon, 2002), a Master Degree in Education Sciences (in Lusofona University, at Lisbon, 2006), the 1st year of the Master Degree in Special Education (in Lusofona University, at Lisbon, 2009) and the 1st and 2nd year of the 3rd Cycle Course (PhD) in Education (in Lusofona University, at Lisbon). She finish the thesis of the PhD in Education (in Lusofona University, at Lisbon, 2018).

Her professional career has been closely linked to teaching. She did communications in Conferences, Colloquies, Seminars and Meetings, published articles about those communications in minutes, chapters of books and was a co-author of a book, also participated as moderator in Seminars and Colloquia. She was a member of the Organizing Committee of the Inclusive Education Seminars held in Lusofona University, at Lisbon.

Areas of interest

She works in Social sciences with emphasis on Education Sciences and has a particular interest in Inclusive Education, Special Education Teachers Practices, research about action and teacher training.