Ana Cristina Guerreiro Rainha

PhD project

Educational practice for citizenship based on sustainable development: Concept, conception, and implementation
Professor Doctor António Tedoro
Professor Doctor Inês Vieira

The research project it’s inserted a current theme of educational practice. It intends to answer the question: How is education for citizenship that promotes sustainable development (environmental and human) included and worked on in Portugal in the third cycle of basic education (3rd CEB)? It begins with a comparative study of the existing legislation, programs for the subjects of the 3rd CEB, taught to young people between twelve and fifteen, teacher training schools for this schooling cycle, and the objectives of the 2030 Agenda. In addition, in mixed methodology research on the concepts and practices of teachers in relation to the subject, a questionnaire is applied at a national level and interviews with teachers from a region of Portugal who belong to public schools simultaneously with contextually diversified practices (Clube Ciência Viva schools, UNESCO schools, Eco-Schools). After consulting the directors and teachers through semi-structured interviews and focus groups, the study ends with another national questionnaire. The research aims to contribute to one of the issues considered by governments and international organizations as a priority for education, analyzing the coherence between the normative plan, training, and teaching practices of a representative segment of teachers working with young adolescents. The meaning of education and training are fundamental foundations, in an educational community, in preparing people to participate in a democratic, human and sustainable life. This is the primary thought and objective of the present project.

Keywords: Agenda 2030, Educational Community, Curriculum, Sustainable development, Education for Citizenship.