Ana Cunha

Biographical note

Ana Cunha has a degree in Modern Languages and Literatures from Nova University, a postgraduation in Education Sciences and is currently pursuing a PhD in Education at Lusófona University. Coordinates the Translation and Languages Office and is the Executive Director of the R&D Institute. She is an Assistant Professor at Lusófona University, where she has been recognized as an Expert in Modern Languages and Literatures (CNAEF 222).

Areas of academic and scientific interest

  • Education
  • Languages
  • Higher Education

PhD project

The Teaching of English for Specific Purposes in Higher Education and its relation to the job market need – Lusófona University’ case study

This thesis will focus on the teaching of English for Specific Purposes at Lusófona University, in order to assess if the taught contents meet the main demands regarding the English language skills in the job market.

To find out the language requirements of employers in Portugal, a field research will be carried out, by contacting and interviewing companies/organizations.

At the same time, content analysis of the syllabus from the different English subjects lectured at Lusófona university will also be carried out.