GIVE: GREEN IT for VET providers

Abstract of the Project

The Covid-19 crisis even accelerated the global digitisation of all sectors. According to McKinsey study (July 2020), 55% of customer interactions are now digital over EU and the digitisation of customer interactions has been accelerated by 3 years. The same study is pointing that 50% of the products and/or services are now partially or fully digitised across EU and this digitisation has been accelerated by 7 years.

Common belief is that digital learning is cleaner than regular face-to-face training activities mainly because it is reducing transports and paper consumption.

So far, the VET industry priority is to digitise and to develop digital learning but it’s not taking the environmental impact of this massive digitisation into consideration. In order to effectively support VET providers into this strategic and organisational changes, it is important to start thinking and elaborating clear process and methodology on how to implement sustainable digital training process and how to develop sustainable digital contents.

Project Priorities

  • Reducing the environmental impact of digital learning
  • Supporting green digital skills for VET providers
  • Contributing to innovation in VET The GREEN IT for VET providers (GIVE) project aims to develop a clear first methodology for VET providers on the environmental impact of digital learning.

Project Goals

  • Implement the 1st study ever made about the VET industry professional practices regarding digital learning development and implementation in order to define: o The life cycle of a digital training course o Environmental impact of the professional practices o Environmental impact of the pedagogical practices
  • Develop green skills of the VET providers with the creation of a whitepaper about Green IT for the VET industry & the development of a digital training on how to create digital training taking into consideration its environmental impact
  • Increase VET sectors awareness of the environmental impacts of this massive digitisation and the importance to support teachers and trainers with good practices and green digital skills

Project Results

  • IO1: The environmental impact of digital learning – Analysis and Studies
  • IO2: Digital Training course
  • IO3: Project evaluation method & project guide


Program Erasmus + (European Union)

Project Reference



01/11/2021 to 01/11/2023


24 months


  • Diogo Morais
  • Ana Cunha


  • MY TRAINING BOX (France)
  • Universidade Lusófona (Portugal)
  • OM CONSEIL (France)