António Feliciano Braça

Biographical note

António Feliciano Braça, is a resident commentator on Rádio Nacional de Angola, Provincial broadcaster of Huambo, program “Perspetiva Económica”, with experience in financial literacy, author of the article published in the first scientific magazine of the General Tax Administration of Angola “Ulambu”, entitled, financial literacy in the perception of taxes in general education schools, in fiscal citizenship, co-author of the book “Kanukus and VAT-Initiation on Public Finance and Taxation”, is also dedicated to the study of public policies, author of the book ” The Budget General of the State in Education in the Municipality of Huambo, from 2012 to 2015”

António Feliciano Braça, is a writer and poet, author of the books, the Embryo of fiscal and financial law, and Rimas poéticas do sol a lua, is a teacher, has taught at the Sagrada Espera Primary School in the Municipality of Viana-Luanda, Colégio Tchissola do Huambo , Instituto Superior Politécnico Lusíada do Huambo, and currently a professor at the Instituto Superior Politécnico de Humanidade e Tecnologia-ISUPE-Ekuikui II, where he is coordinator of the course in economic and legal sciences.

He is a speaker and trainer, enrolled in the Trainer Scholarship of the General Tax Administration, where he has already held the functions of head of the Huambo Tax Service Office, of the Inspection Section of the Office of Huambo, Head of the Tax Offices of Bailundo and Porto-amboim. Degree in Economics and Management from Universidade Dr António Agostinho Neto, Master and Doctoral Student in Education Sciences in the fields of specialization in Public Policy and Educational Contexts from Universidade Lusófona de Humanidade e Tecnologia (Portugal)

Areas of academic and scientific interest

  • Education
  • Financial literacy
  • Public policies
  • Financial literacy

PhD project

O impacto da literacia financeira nas escolas do ensino geral na Província do Huambo, no período de 2012 à 2015
António Teodoro


It is intended with this thesis and taking into account the large number of financial products, there is an urgent need to deal with these provisions in order to guarantee the management of personal finances. The existing complexity in savings and investment is associated with levels of financial literacy, as better-educated people make better decisions. The research will be carried out with students from General Education Schools in the Province of Huambo, with a survey being carried out by questionnaires to students and guardians, whose objective will be to understand the influencing factors in personal financial management, and to raise awareness of the need for training. in this area, because it allows a better quality of life for people and a more sustainable country at an economic and financial level.