Beverly Nunes

Biographical note

University professor, trained in the area of special education, with experience in teaching basic and higher education, with emphasis on intervention projects for children with special needs. Master from Andrews University. Pedagogue, psychopedagogue and lecturer in the areas of education and family, PhD in progress at Universidade Lusófona (PT). Member of the Phi Kappa Phi honor society and of the CEC-DISES (Council for Exceptional Children – Division of International Special Education and Services).

Areas of academic and scientific interest

  • Special and Inclusive Education

PhD project

Functional Profile in Educational Inclusion: Translation, Cross-Cultural Adaptation and Validation of an Assessment Tool
Luzia Mara Silva Lima-Rodrigues
Margarida Belchior
David Rodrigues

For the effectiveness of educational inclusion, it is necessary to meet the student’s individual needs. Thus, the harmonious work of the multi and interdisciplinary team is fundamental in terms of student assessment and decision-making, related to the student and the institution. Therefore, everyone involved in this process needs to pursue the same goals, based on the same approach, using the same language. How can the assessment of the functional profile of students with special educational needs, carried out by the multidisciplinary team, directly contribute to decision-making and institutional and individual guidance, from an inclusive perspective? This investigation aims to translate, make the cross-cultural adaptation and validation of a tool to assess the functional profile of students with SEN to promote inclusion. It is a methodological study with its theoretical, experimental, and analytical axes, with quantitative and qualitative approaches.