Carlos Serrano

Biographical note

Social Scientist (UFF), International Relations Specialist (UCAM), Master in Political Science and PhD candidate in Museology (ULHT), where he is a fellow of the UNESCO Chair in Education, Citizenship and Cultural Diversity. Researcher at LEHC/UFRJ, LAPPCOM and LIERI, both UFRRJ. Former professor of Political Science and International Relations (UFRJ) and was deputy executive secretary of the UNESCO/UNU REGGEN Chair and Network. He is a member of the CLACSO WG on Regional Integration and Latin American Unity. He has 27 articles and 4 published book chapters.

Areas of academic and scientific interest

  • Political science;
  • International Political Economy;
  • Migrations;
  • Museology and Heritage.
  • Marxism and Museology
  • Fascism and Regime Change.

PhD project

The influence of Marxism on Museology and Sociomuseology
Prof. Dr. Mario Caneva de Magalhães Moutinho

From the observation of an unrecognized influence of Marxism in the field of Museology and museums, the thesis traces the history of Marxists and Marxist theories that helped to constitute this field and bring innovations to the world of museums. It also presents the influences on the conformation of the Sociomuseology school of thought. This recognition thus establishes a possibility to reflect on the paths of this field of knowledge and on the contemporary challenges it faces.