Cristina Baptista

Biographical note

PhD student in Educational Sciences, at the Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias de Lisboa.

Master in Educational Sciences at the Universidade Lusófona of Porto.

Degree in Physical Education and Sport at the Faculdade de Ciências do Desporto e Educação Física da Universidade do Porto (FCDEF-UP).

Frequency of the 1st year of the Master in Sports Science in the area of Adapted Physical Activity at FCDEF-UP.

Teacher of the 3rd cycle and secondary education since 1984, currently in a grouping of schools in Espinho.

Coordinator of School Sports in the Educational Area of Entre Douro e Vouga.

Areas of academic and scientific interest

  • Education
  • Supervision and culture of teaching collaboration
  • Continuing teacher training
  • Innovation in educational practices

PhD project

Supervision and culture of teacher collaboration as factors for change and innovation in educational practices (provisional)
Doctorate Professor Maria de Nazaré Coimbra
Doctorate Professor Alcina Oliveira Martins

The study to be undertaken has the general objective of analyzing the influence of supervision and teaching collaboration in the change and innovation of educational practices and in the improvement of teaching and learning methodologies in face-to-face, mixed and distance teaching (E@D), in two Groups of schools in the district of Aveiro.

Recently, there has been a (re)organization of the teaching and learning process in schools, causing significant changes in the dynamics and culture of educational communities, implying new routines and forms of supervision and collaborative work, which have caused changes in the life of schools and of all educational actors. Since this is a new context of educational action, it is important to carry out a reasoned reflection on the evolution of the dynamics of supervision and pedagogical collaboration, as well as the methodologies, strategies and tools used in mixed and distance learning (E@D), in the perception of students, teachers, supervisors, coordinators and directors.

Based on the literature review, a provisional methodological design was outlined, since the analysis of the state of the art has not yet been undertaken, so some reformulation is expected. Thus, the methodology to be applied is mixed, quantitative and qualitative, in order to collect, analyze and compare opinions of teachers, supervisors and students from two groups of schools in the district of Aveiro.

As a quantitative strategy, responses to two questionnaire surveys will be analyzed, applied to students of Basic and Secondary Education, and to teachers/supervisors belonging to the two communities.

As a qualitative strategy, the analysis of guiding documents of the Groups will be carried out (document analysis) and interviews will be carried out with the Group Directors and with some teachers with positions of responsibility and team coordination, at the level of curricular Departments and/or School. The analysis will be based on the definition of dimensions and categories, first from the literature review and then from the interviewees’ discourse.

Then, a triangulation and comparative analysis of the perspectives of students, teachers and supervisors will be carried out, based on the results obtained in the two groups of schools, identifying similarities and differences, constraints and difficulties, regarding the dynamics of supervision and pedagogical collaboration, with influence in improving and innovating pedagogical practices, in mixed and distance learning (E@D), and in building communities with a collaborative teaching culture.

Keywords: Supervision; Teaching culture; Change; Innovation; educational practices