Daniela Vicedomini Coelho

Biographical note

Graduated in Architecture and Urbanism. Postgraduate in Public Administration. Master and Doctoral Student in Museology. Over 25 years of experience in planning, management and executive production of exhibition and museum projects at renowned cultural institutions and companies in São Paulo. Member of the Regional Council of Museology of the 4th Region and of the International Council of Museums in Brazil.

Areas of academic and scientific interest

  • Sociomuseology
  • Management of museums and university collections

PhD project

Diálogos interculturais entre Sociomuseologia e Universidade no Museu Universitário de Arte de Uberlândia-MunA e Intercultural Dialogues between Sociomuseology and University at the University Museum of Art of Uberlândia-MunA
Profa. Dra. Maristela Simão

From the perspective of Sociomuseology and from the social reality of the University Museum of Art of the Federal University of Uberlândia, the project aims to investigate museum management within Brazilian universities, in reciprocity with teaching, research and extension activities that underlie the academic structure.

Based on a compreensive research, the project seeks to analyze and propose instruments that may collaborate to enhance the actions of the University Museum of Art, museums and universities and the achievement of their goals, articulated with the principles of Sociomuseology. Furthermore, we aim to deepen the understanding of museums as a tool for universities in their relationship with the communities and in the pursuit of fulfilling their teaching, research and extension commitments, with attention to their social function.