Domingas Boaventura

Biographical note

Domingas da Conceição Agostinho Diogo Fortunato Boaventura – Doctoral student at ULHT-Universidade Lusófona Humanities and Technologies of Lisbon/Portugal. Researcher in the area of Teaching Professionality Higher Education: Comparative Study of the Professional Trajectories of University Professors in Angola and Portugal Master in Strategic Management of Human Resources by IPS, Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal-ESCE-School of Business Sciences (2016-2018), Degree in Accounting and Management (2008-2012). She was a professor in the courses of Accounting and Management at the University of Belas in Luanda/Angola (2013-2015).

Areas of academic and scientific interest

  • Education

PhD project

Assessment of Teaching Professionality in Higher Education: A case study with university professors from a private university in Angola
Doctor Carla Galego

The contextual dynamics in Angola have placed higher education institutions, both state and private, in a demand for high challenges. It is in this context that questions and concerns are raised regarding the effectiveness of policies and practices regarding the teaching career of higher education, which results in questioning society, with regard to the quality of education, which often accuses the lack of “raw materials” and of ‘products’, the process is questioned due to insufficiency. The present research work has as its title, Assessment of Teaching Professionality in Higher Education: a case study with university professors from a private university in Angola. The objective is to analyze the pedagogical actions of the higher education teacher and the training processes in the construction of their teaching professionalism in a Private University in Angola. Therefore, a case study is used, with a view to the perception of superior teaching practices, if they are adjusted to a quality teaching. It is in this context that the (re)formulation of educational policies becomes remarkable, substantiated by new devices that aim to regulate the higher education subsystem. This reality is constituted from an interesting field of study, because concerns are raised with regard to the foundations and implicit logics of teaching professionalism, as well as about its relevance, both for professional and institutional development.

Keywords: Professionality and performance; Teaching career; Teaching policies and practices