Ilda Costa

Biographical note

Maria Ilda de Ornelas Velosa Costa, 2nd year doctoral student in Education.

Master in Sciences of Education by ULP.

Attended the 1st year of the master’s degree in “Physics for Teaching” at FCUP.

She did in-service training at UMa – recruitment group 510.

Degree in Biochemistry from UP, branch Food Industries – scientific.

Teacher of Physics and Chemistry.

Areas of academic and scientific interest

  • Continuing teacher training;
  • Education and education for citizenship
  • Inclusion.
  • Continuous teacher training
  • Mediation training
  • Mediation of conflicts in the school context
  • Student profile at the end of compulsory education

PhD project

Mediation in the training of teachers and students: contribution to the improvement of interpersonal relationships and socio-educational learning
Professora doutora Elisabete Pinto da Costa
Professora Doutora Alcina Oliveira Martins

Society is in constant and accelerated change and the public that attends the school today is heterogeneous, with different ways of being and acting, transporting the everyday dilemmas. The school needs an institutional, pedagogical and communicational structure that fits today’s society. These factors contribute so that the teacher quickly feels out of date, demanding constant updating in order to keep up with the evolution of knowledge and society. The school and the teacher are asked to contribute to the integral education of the student, so it makes sense to deepen knowledge in the area of interpersonal relationships and constructive resolution of dilemmatic situations using conflict mediation. We defined as a general objective: To understand to what extent training in mediation of teachers and students contributes to the improvement of interpersonal relationships and learning socio-educational. In the empirical study, we opted for a qualitative methodology, using the survey by interview, focus group participant observation and document analysis for data collection. Data analysis will be carried out using the technique of content analysis according to the codification of the texts of the interviews, the focus of the group, the records of observations and the documents to be selected.

Keywords: Socio-educational learning; Teacher training; Student Training; Conflict mediation; interpersonal relationships