Ingrid Soraya de Oliveira Sá

Biographical note

PhD in Education (in progress) at Universidade Lusófona de Lisboa; Master in Business Management from UTAD (2016) recognized by UFRJ (2018); Specialist in Business Management from UTAD (2013); Specialist in Controllership and Accounting Auditing by UVA (2012); Economist at UFC (1999). Experience in the area of Economics, with emphasis on Growth, Fluctuations and Economic Planning, Financial Advisory and Controllership. Economist and Financial Advisor at Instituto Superior de Teologia Aplicada – INTA (2004-2007). Controller of UNINTA (2008-2014). Operates in the Higher Education Management area. Administrative Dean of UNINTA since 2014. Coordinator of the Economic Sciences Course at UNINTA since 2017. Professor of the Administration course at FAL since 2019. Ad hoc appraiser of BASIS approved and published in Ordinance MEC nº 365/2020.

Areas of academic and scientific interest

  • Education

PhD project

A formação continuada de professores do ensino superior e o reflexo nos indicadores de rendimento acadêmico dos estudantes.
Prof.ª Dra. Carla Cristina Marques Galego

In the last decades, there has been a discussion about teacher training for basic education, as well as for higher education in the face of current demands. The problem pervades higher education teachers who do not have pedagogical training for teaching practice in higher education with a view to the full development of the exercise of their function in the teaching-learning process. Since they are not trained to exercise, in the first instance, the role of teacher, but rather the profession for which they were trained, it is believed that their perception of their students’ learning occurs in the same way as their experiences as teaching students higher education, which may reflect on the academic performance of their students.