José António de Oliveira

Biographical note

Graduated in Geography by the University of Lisbon (1982), Master in Human Geography and Regional and Local Planning (1988), by the same university. He He was a university professor, researcher and consultant in planning and territorial planning, economic-social studies and evaluation of public policies in Lusófona University. He is currently a PhD grant supported by FCT (SFRH / BD / 131377/2017).

Areas of academic and scientific interest

  • Urbanism
  • Economic and Social Geography
  • Planning and Spatial Planning

Individual doctoral project

“Second Homes and Local Development in Portugal”
Professor Zoran Roca


The approximately 1.2 million of second homes are a relevant and inescapable reality in Portugal. The assessment of its effects on local development, especially for the Portuguese case, has not yet been sufficiently deepened and also policy measures to guide the expansion of second homes are rarely indicated. Hence, the general objective of evaluating the effects of the second homes on local development and its integration/consideration in the instruments of implementation, on the same scale, of the Territory’s planning policy (s) has been defined. This general objective is broken down into specific objectives grouped by its exploratory, operational or proposition nature. Each of these sets complies with different functions in ensuring coherence of the response that is to be found for the general objective, while requiring some concentration of certain types of techniques and methods adjusted to the results of Investigation that are intended to be achieved for each of them.