Laura Sousa

Biographical note

Doctoral student in Education (ULHT), Master in Educational Administration and Degree in Educational Sciences.

Areas of academic and scientific interest

  • Inclusive Education
  • Curriculum
  • Curricular Differentiation

PhD project

(Re) pensar o currículo escolar na educação inclusiva: da conceção à prática [Temporary]
Maria Odete Emygdio da Silva

This research proposes to reflect from the specialized view of education, through a reflection on inclusive education and curriculum paradigms. It is intended, based on the objective of our problematic, to understand the diversity and the educational discussion about the function of the school and its role in relation to the educational responses given to children and young people with Cerebral Palsy, in Primary Schools.

The purpose of our project is to understand and identify the competences developed in the Portuguese educational system, in the community and in the various contexts of empowerment and quality of life, resulting from the extension of compulsory education. This problematic is integrated as a theme of the Special Education Policies in Portugal, and people with special needs must be respected in their specificities.

In the present time, this visibility is part of one of the pressing problems of our society which is the phenomenon of social inequality, sometimes existing in the educational field. Thus, to foster an inclusive and egalitarian community we need to revoke some of the concepts and raise awareness in the educational community for the provision of conscious and diversified pedagogical practices. It is crucial to rethink the path underlying the conceptions and practices regarding inclusion, in this case, about inclusive education and alternative curricula, in a logic of curricular differentiation.

The methodological design of the study, qualitative in nature, enables understanding and explaining the complexity of educational and curricular phenomena in Inclusive Education and at the same time, build in a progressive way, a heritage of knowledge in relation to the practices developed, between past and current conceptions of inclusive education.

Researchers in educational sciences should seek a rationalization of the problem, hypothetically placing the opening to new paradigms of action through, in this thematic, the inclusive curriculum.

Keywords: Special Educational Needs; Curriculum; Curricular Differentiation; Cerebral Palsy.