Lucio Gemaque Souza

Biographical note

Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting Sciences from Faculdade Ideal (2006). Master’s degree in Administration and Controllership at the Federal University of Ceará (2010). Assistant professor at the Federal University of Maranhão/DECCA. He has experience in the area of Accounting Sciences.

Areas of academic and scientific interest

  • Skills for Higher Education
  • Teacher Training

PhD project

A Percepção dos egressos do curso de Ciências Contábeis em instituição pública de São Luís/Maranhão/Brasil em relação as competências dos professores sobre a ótica de Philippe Perrenoud e as contribuições dos professores para o desempenho dos egressos no Exame de Suficiência e Exame Nacional de Desempenho dos Estudantes (ENADE).

Recent transformations have an impact on social, technological and labor market changes, requiring new skills for today. Education, in turn, has been suffering these changes in a more accelerated way, in this sense the teaching of accounting needs to be adapted to this new globalized scenario, with new requirements and specificities. The skills and abilities of the university professor become relevant to meet the new demands. The research aims to investigate the perception of graduates of Accounting Sciences in a public institution in São Luís / Maranhão / Brazil in relation to the skills of teachers and the contributions of teachers to the performance of graduates in the Examination of Sufficiency and National Examination of Performance of Students (ENADE).